Andrew Moran

Andrew Moran

VR/AR Software Engineer & Developer

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About Me

I have completed my Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, with a concentration in Computer Graphics & Human-Computer Interfaces. My work in UI/UX software engineering and interaction promotes the development and integration of emerging technologies. I continue to pursue my passion in gamification and visualization by exploring the interactive and immersive experiences provided by VR/AR technologies.

Previous academic and work experience involves research and development in usability and exploratory immersive experiences applied to different contexts from education & entertainment to cyber security and big data visual analytics.

Current Products

Latest Projects

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Amazon Sumerian AR/VR Challenge

Alphabet Pictionary is a 3D virtual teaching assistant utilizing Amazon Sumerian and Host AI. Interactive avatars help teach the alphabet utilizing gesture maps & voice recognition provided by Amazon Polly and 3D imported models from Google Poly. Built as part of a multi-week online hackathon hosted by Amazon Sumerian AR/VR Challenge and ported to ARCore & ARKit.

Amazon Sumerian Developer

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UploadVR + MakeSchool VR Academy Unity Certified

Graduate from the first inaugural VR developer training course by MakeSchool & UploadVR Collective. Curriculum involves best design and coding practices for VR development utilizing HTC Vive, Oculus Rift with Unity3D and SteamVR. Learned VR's practical applications for industry from speakers such as Google, Oculus, High Fidelity, etc.

Unity Developer Alienware x51 R3 Oculus Rift Leap Motion

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HoloLens for Hospitals Best Design

HoloLens Tower Defense Game for hospitalized kids to visualize their immune system combating rampaging monsters! Microsoft held a hackathon for local developers at Boston AR to come up with apps for social good. Our tower defense game was developed for the HoloLens in room scale environments using Unity3D and Blender. Our team effort earned us the prize for best design!

Unity Developer

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Unity3D and Vuforia AR Workshop

Managed first inaugural meeting of virtual and augmented reality in Chile, titled VirtualChile, for social impact within the Santiago community. Promoted content & state-of-the-art development of VR/AR immersive technologies. Hosted workshops and lectures dedicated to Unity3D & Vuforia AR development.

Founding Director of Technology & Content

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Virtual Reality and Leap Motion for Air Traffic Control

Simulation to better monitor and coordinate model airplanes for local air traffic control. Incorporated multiple iterations of prototyping, gesture recognition and input management. Developed immersive 3D environment in Unity3D utilizing Oculus Rift and Leap Motion SDKs.

Student Researcher

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3D Reconstruction from Multi-View Stereo (MVS)

Visualization of MVS Pipeline and related algorithms in VR via Oculus Rift SDK, Unity3D, Python. This includes verifying results of Point Clouds, Quadtrees, Octrees, Marching Cubes, Surface Reconstruction, and its exploration in a 3D virtual reality environment. Extension of Computer Vision Final Project

Student Researcher

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Digital Computational Photography Snippets

Completed exercises in Python reiterating foundational principles of photography, computer vision, image processing and computer graphics. This includes HDR, homographies, panoramic stitching, light fields, video magnification, resampling, warping and morphing.

Student Researcher

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Other Projects

The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games

Activey learning Unreal Engine 4 with C++ to make AAA games. Enhancing my skills in game development, C++ software construction, and best game programming practices

UE4 Student

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Technologies for Visualization of Big Medical Text Data

Performed topic modeling of MIMIC text data. Implemented web application for visualizing medical data utilizing D3.js, Vega and Python Flask.

Graduate Student Research Assistant

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D3.js Visualization - The More You Snow

Demonstrated human visual system processes and good design practices & methods for programming interactive web-based visualizations using D3.js

Game Developer/Programmer

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IOS Game Design Competition

Exercised game development & coding practice on iOS devices via Objective-C, SpriteBuilder and Xcode. IAP Course 6.670 co-hosted by MIT and Make School.

  • One Man Team, Final Round Candidate

Game Developer/Programmer

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Designing Interactions for MBTA

Prototyped mobile app utilizing Yelp API, Google AdWords to enhance ridership experience. As part of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab.

  • Final Presentation to MBTA panel, including Chief Director of Innovation

GUI Engineer Raspberry Pi

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Demo Reel 2013

Collection of prior works that I have done including Computer Graphics, Visual Arts, Game Design and 3D Modeling & Protoyping.

Student Researcher

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Work Experience

Software Engineer II - Microsoft (May 2020 - Present)

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Mobile improvements to MR capabilities including asset capture for entities within CDS/Dataverse, authentication for Teams Meetings, and iOS/Android/HoloLens device optimization

Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app contributions for technician success such as embedded MR capture via Power Apps model-driven apps, NPM packaging, and React Native / BabylonJS / TypeScript tech stack

  • Azure Engineering Boot Camp Alum

Software Development Engineer - Magic Leap (Sept 2017 - Apr 2020) Speaker Inventor

Lead gameplay programmer within Magic Leap Studios devoted to Unity3D content creation & prototype engineering on Magic Leap One. Developed on Create, a sandbox mixed reality experience shipped as Magic Leap's Launch Title.

Integrated internal persistence API, privilege management, automation/performance testing for production.

Extended frameworks for character AI utilities, PhysX locomotion agent authoring, and UI/UX interaction.

Tech & design lead of inaugural HQ Pilot Game Jam "Ball-In-A-Maze" MR adaptation; published on internal app store.

Co-Founder - Syndikit Studios LLC (Dec 2016 - Jun 2019) Get A Quote

Centered in the crossroads of art and technology, Syndikit builds engaging content from animated short films and games to training and data visualization.

Full-stack development and design for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences.

Lead management and engineering of 3D/2D rapid prototyping, multi-platform deployment, third-party demos with ARCore, ARkit

Expert Unity3D curriculum design & instruction; instructor/TA at Upload VR Collective

Chief Technology Officer - Arges, Inc. (Oct 2015 - Jul 2016) Start-Up Chile

Arges is a company utilizing augmented reality technologies to improve air traffic control management. We leverage 3D displays to mitigate low visibility conditions and cognitive overhead

ReticleOS & Android mobile development on mobile wearables such as ODG R-7 Smartglasses

Lead architect & Unity3D engineer for integrating real-time flight simulation, field testing & on-site demos

Research Assistant - MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Sept 2014 - Jan 2016) Best Student Paper Finalist

M.Eng Thesis in Big Data Visual Analytics utilizing Twitter API, Oculus Rift & Leap Motion SDKs

Performed data ingestion in Matlab, Accumulo/D4M and visual integration in Unity3D, Maya

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Technical Assistant | Game Developer & Programmer - MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Jun 2012 - Aug 2014)

Enhanced Cyber Security Situational Awareness visualization tool with mobile game development

Utilized game development tools such as Unity3D to benefit player interaction & gamification

Enhanced proficiency in co-optimization, usability, user-testing, cross-platform networking

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Software & Game Development Intern - Grasshopper NYC (Jan 2013 - Feb 2013)

Created digital multiplayer game via Unity3D for circular touch top tables and related physical media to foster meaningful social interaction, player usability and Indie game development

Promoted theoretical implications of systems engineering, gamification and learning effectiveness

Lead Programmer/Game Engineer - MIT Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative (Jun 2011 - Feb 2012)

Organized game development, spanning both software modular implementations and engineering

Promoted theoretical implications of systems engineering, gamification and learning effectiveness

Programmer/Developer - MIT Field Intelligence Laboratory (Feb 2011 - Jun 2011)

Implemented applications optimizing hybrid-electric vehicle efficiency titled StreetSmart

Executed various algorithms such as reverse geo-coding, map matching & fundamentally regressing vehicle-street parameters against physics models and collected sensory data